Creating a Gallery with a Lightbox Effect in WordPress

Creating a Gallery with a Lightbox Effect in WordPress

Lightbox Effect in WordPress Are you looking to include a gallery that has a lightbox effect in your WordPress site?

Including a lightbox effect on your website will permit users to look at your photos in a distraction-free atmosphere, not having to navigate away from the page. Nevertheless, the basic WordPress gallery block doesn’t include lightboxes.

This article will walk you through, step by step, how to incorporate a gallery into your WordPress website with a lightbox effect.

Lightbox Effect in WordPressIncorporating a Gallery in WordPress with a Lightbox Effect is possible and easy to do. You can add a gallery of images to your WordPress site and display them with a lightbox effect.

What are the Benefits of Making Use of the Lightbox Effect in WordPress Galleries?

In order to present your images in a more polished manner, you can incorporate the lightbox effect to the galleries on your WordPress website. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

When someone clicks on one of the images on your website, this effect triggers a pop-up window in which the image will be displayed.

Using lightboxes can enhance the experience for viewers on your site, as they can more easily share your images on their social media accounts or save them directly to their computers.

When you have a photography site, users will be able to utilize a lightbox effect to look at your high-quality pictures in an environment free of distractions, thus increasing user engagement. Here is a list of some great free WordPress photography themes you can choose from. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

If you own a WooCommerce store, you can enhance the experience for customers by adding a lightbox effect to your product galleries. This allows customers to get a better view of the product, and make a more informed decision.

Let us now investigate how to simply incorporate a WordPress gallery with a lightbox effect, step by step.

Discovering the Process of Creating a WordPress Gallery With a Lightbox Impact

The lightbox effect for a WordPress gallery can be easily achieved by utilizing Envira Gallery.

This WordPress photo gallery plugin is ideal for creating contemporary and adaptive image galleries for your website.

Envira Gallery provides quick and easy access to its drag-and-drop builder and its professionally designed templates. Plus, users can take advantage of the gallery’s other features, such as tagging, audio playback, social media sharing, and the lightbox effect.

To begin, the Envira Gallery plugin must be installed and activated. Our guide on installing a WordPress plugin provides detailed instructions. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

It is worth noting: There is a free version of Envira Gallery which can be utilized for the purpose of this tutorial. Nevertheless, opting for the paid version provides users with additional capabilities.

Once you have activated the plugin, head to the Envira Gallery » Settings page in the WordPress admin panel to insert your license key.

The Envira Gallery website provides an account where you can access the necessary data.

Once finished, the next step requires a user to go to the Envira Gallery » Add New page from the WordPress dashboard to begin creating their own gallery. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

Once you have typed a title for the photo gallery, you can click the ‘Select Files from Your Computer’ button to upload the desired images.

If you wish to incorporate images from the media library into your gallery, click on the ‘Select Files from Other Sources’ button. This will open the media library and you can upload the gallery pictures from there.

It is important to remember that only one image can be uploaded from the media library in one go.

After you have completed that task, navigate to the part of the page labelled ‘Currently in your Gallery’ where you can locate a preview of your gallery on the right side of the page, and the settings for it on the left.

By tapping the pencil icon at the top of each image, the ‘Edit Metadata’ prompt will appear.

When working with individual images, you can add a caption, status, title, and alt text via this resource.

Once you’re done, make sure to hit the ‘Save Metadata’ button to save your data.

Subsequently, go to the ‘Configuration’ tab from the left side to customize the display of your gallery to your desired design.

You can make a choice from a range of layouts, the quantity of columns, size of image, dimensions, themes, and other options here. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

In-depth directions can be found in our guide for beginners on setting up an image gallery in WordPress.

After you have arranged the gallery the way you want it, move over to the ‘Lightbox’ tab located in the left side of the screen and make sure to select the ‘Enable Lightbox?’ option.

From the ‘Gallery Lightbox Theme’ menu select a lightbox theme of your choice. If the ‘Legacy’ option is picked, the lightbox effect prompt will display an older design.

By selecting ‘Base (Dark)’, the lightbox prompt will have a design with a dark background.

You will then need to decide whether to show the title of the image or its caption in the lightbox notification. Alternatively, you have the option to display neither or both.

From the dropdown menu, select the size of the image for the lightbox after you have completed the task.

Confirm the ‘Enable Gallery Arrows’ selection. Subsequently, a lightbox reminder will display two arrows that viewers can choose to transition between the photos in the gallery.

It is possible to customize the lightbox further by changing the transition effect, selecting an open/close effect, and enabling the supersize feature. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

When you have finished, make sure to press the ‘Publish’ button at the top to save your alterations.

In order to incorporate an image gallery into a WordPress page/post, open the page in the block editor.

To open the block menu, press the ‘+’ icon located in the upper left corner of the display. After that, insert the Envira Gallery block into the page/post.

Once you have done that, choose the image gallery you created from the list in the block. Finally, press the ‘Update’ or ‘Publish’ button to save your work.

Now, you can take a look at your WordPress blog to check out the image gallery and then click on any of the images and witness the lightbox effect.

An Alternative Option: Generate Image Portfolios and Galleries for WordPress through NextGen Gallery

When it comes to adding lightbox images to a WordPress site, Envira Gallery is a great choice. Additionally, you can take advantage of NextGEN Gallery to create incredible galleries and portfolios that look great and are fully responsive. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

NextGEN Gallery is a fantastic choice to consider if you are looking for an Envira Gallery alternative. It offers various kinds of galleries, provides the ability to integrate eCommerce-related features, and also includes other features such as watermarking, lightboxes, comment boxes on images, and more.

NextGEN Gallery also enables you to accept payments via Stripe or PayPal, providing the capability to sell your images online.

This portfolio plugin is designed for specialized use by professional photographers, graphic designers, and visual artists, thereby making it one of the premier WordPress plugins available.

Our tutorial can provide you with a comprehensive guide on adding a portfolio to your WordPress website. It contains the necessary instructions for you to accomplish this.

This article was written to explain how to add a WordPress gallery with the lightbox effect. For further information, we suggest reading our guide on basic image editing in WordPress and our list of the best tools to make better pictures for blog posts. Lightbox Effect in WordPress

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